May I link money-to-money by GMail ?

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Well, once again it is Googledepending as so many things. In fact when you add the results of the money datevaluation to the results of the other 3 economic practices (consumption, savings, investment) of the Classic Economy, you will find the 4G3W Economy, that maded by communication motors throught the WWW.

Soon Google or Others W3C full accepted must propose very soon the money link for the creation of the personalized money giving the control of the bank-finantial power to each person who is able to save money first than another.

Who is saving latter are not doing so well as who do save before.

And operating cash_over_cash just you-do-mark-your-money with your better webdate and then your WebcashmotorGMail start to run into Economy 4G3W, sharing daily 12 o'clock New York cash results and getting webcashmatic plusvalues over the datevalors properties.

Because your Owndated Webquantums are parcels of Owned Timestock (it means live-webdated-savings). Oh Yeah Google must touch the link money-to-money for the NEW e-mail generation.

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