Let make a difference "Save now / Save latter"

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For the global economic results it is not the same to save now or to save latter.

Calculate duration between two dates with time . 

That is the reason why the money datevaluation is born to let you create your live-savings for webcashmatic plusvalues self-generator.

Just you-do-mark-your-money with your better webdate, then webfishing your webcashmotor start to run generating wealth to better perform your economic life.

Weather you save now or if you prefer to save latter, you will find the most important difference in the amount of your webcashmatic plusvalues results.
Because while your live-savings are generating added value by free web_production_factors accumulation your webdated link money-to-money is insuring the job under your cash mode control.

So when you put live-savings at the market asking your moment-price for your plusvalues result the market know about it cash condition just datevalued at a past better moment.

Have you think about this insured_cash_relax ?
(If you could sell your house asking your moment-price but having the right to revert to the cash which you pay when you buy it before, it could be easier to get your price and so the plusvalues result).

Your question :

What would you say is the most important dimension of personal finance if you had to choose just one?
(Not so far of the Davos Question 2008).

Think about your personal webcashmotor Answer :

The cashkeeping position is the most important dimension of your personal finance.
Because you stay cash, just you webdate it for webcashmatic results : plusvalues results and may be daily_multiplied_results.

It means that for your (mine & their) personal finance the most important is the advantage to get automated plusvalues keeping your money in cash phasis.
Because the fun-d-mentals for your performance is to keep your bank-finantial-power.

Your cash must be active and produce satisfaction like a sandwich of finantial fast-food.
Mixing the 3 classic flavors of the personal economic activity : consumption flavor + savings flavor + investment flavor.
And that economic mix is the money datevaluation by communication motor into the web.

Because with the money datevaluation just you-do-mark-your-money with your better webdate then webfishing, your Personal-Savings-Motor (webcashmotor) start to run into Economy 4G3W linking money-to-money for much-more-money.

As Nokia is connecting people, you just add the fonction linking money-to-money.

Introducing the better in your money management like an Android_ Google_ Pretender.

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