May I link money-to-money by Chrome G browser ?

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Yes and no.
Yes because, it is a possible googledepending function launching the new Economy 4G3W.
No because, nobody knows where Google Chrome is putting master's head.
Soon the money-to-money link to universocial-livecash-anchor (the U-L-A) will enable the creation of the personalized money . Resolving the Davos Question by obamadepending regulations.
So the bank-finantial web-function for the live-savings personal creation device, may be an Android-Google-Chrome integrated function. Containing the webcashmotor device for the money datevaluation practice. And uppgrading the Classic Economy into Universocial Cash Economy.
Because it is time to deal time. Getting webcashmatic plusvalues. From personal live-savings. Web powered.
The safe-function (SafOne) to reach wealth may be just the googledepending condition to perform who is able to save now. Better than who is able to save latter. By personalized-money-link.

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