MEApiss by Wave

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The proposed enlargement to upgrade the ending Classic Economy by adding the money datevaluation practice giving folks the opportunity to create personalized-webliving-savings for daily multiplied cash results is a challenge for.universocial.wellbeing with the launch of Economy 4G3W, the Universocial_Cash_Economy.

The thing is Googledepending and Obamadepending for agreed protocols, because AuthoringDrivers at WUWteam4G3W are seeking technical structure and US's Admnistration regulations on FinancialReformAct.

Now it is very simple to resolve the Trilemma-Economy-Classic (OrYouSpend-OrYouSave-OrYouInvest) by adding a MixedEconomicAction (MEA) which is DATEVALUATION gesture for much more personal performance.

Let implement Gool-Bama-Cash.

Let people make waves by webcashmotor into CentralBanks/GouvernmentAdmnistrations. That's all.