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In the Classic Economy the money is now just a script of Central Banks and then for you it is under Commercial Banks relations. The problem is that your money is not different form my money even if we use dollars, euros, yen and so on.
For enlarging the Economy results by the money datevaluation through communication motors, the bank money is proposed at a personal webcashmotor's fusion by 10€uros parcels in order to make Owndated Webquantums properties (10€uros/each 1 OW) registered at the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web.
As the created property is a personal fusion of a capital amount (10€uros) at a putted-moment (the webdate) of the datevalors action for taking a Self_Marked_WebSpace linked to free and shared production factors, the money becames a new webjuristhing accounted asset in your webcash_ow's_inventory, your webcashaccount.
So, for your personal money creation you may shift your bank money parcels of 10€uros (which are credit assets) into personalized money or web-live-savings parcels (which are registered property assets).

With the upgrade from the Classic Economy into the communication motors Economy 4G3W the money must be created by your own creation (your bank-finantial-power), at your better moment (the webdate of your webcashmotor's action) and with a fixed 10€uros charge ( for cashput_cashkeeping_cashcall) for it webpowered live. That is the reason why your personalized money is called Personal_Webliving_Currency and  any parcel of PWC is a genuine webcreature.

Your Live-savings 4G3W are a set of parcels of your Personal_Webliving_Money, your MyTime-Currency

In Economy 4G3W you may forget all technics. Because your link money-to-money is just a link connection for an organized cash production, cell by cell. Each of these cells are 10€uros parcels of personalized money.

As you own personalized money, you own live-savings, because even if you are making webcashmatic plusvalues and even if you got daily cash results the fact is that the datevaluation is a cashkeeping economic practice and so you keep the option to reverse your personalized money in cash bank money at any time and absolutely free. You may note that you're playing an all-or-all gamble, a win-or-win relationship with your own money. NO risk, no loss, just relax, enjoy and watch your money growing up like the farmer with his corn.

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