Fusion is the future for your bank-money

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Create your personalized-money

Think about the fusion of a credit parcel (10€uros parcel) of bank-money asset with the timestock (webdate) of your live-savings creation. For that creation you have to make the fusion of the moment of your datevaluation, with your credit asset shifting that asset of credit into a property asset of the self created Owndated Webquantum or dynamic webpowered parcel of personalised money.

So you got an unit of personalised money by your self creation, each time you make the money datevaluation of a 10€uros parcel of bank money using your own webcashmotor into Economy 4G3W. (El enchufe del dinero).

The proposed datevaluation practice must be an upgrade for the Classic Economy introducing the first money substitute to reach the personal right to share daily cash results and to win generated webcashmatic plusvalues for personal live-savings remuneration. The proposed cashkeeping mode is a set for-and-from . Because you stay cashkeeping for getting your live-savings resource. And from because your live-savings are the generator of webcashmatic plusvalues.

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